Inuvik Qayaq Club Principles

a) To foster and promote traditional Inuvialuit qayaq skills and techniques; all facets of Inuit qayaq culture; and recreational sea kayaking skills and techniques

b) To foster the training of traditional Inuvialuit qayaq skills and techniques; and recreational sea kayaking skills and techniques

c) Host and run traditional Inuvialuit qayaq skills and technique training courses and workshops; traditional Inuvialuit qayaq and qayaq related equipment building courses and workshops; recreational sea kayaking skills and technique training courses and workshops

d) To do all things incidental to these purposes

Friday, 13 January 2017

Inuvik Qayaq Club is running another of their popular Traditional Qayaq Rolling Clinic!!
When: January 30th & Feb. 6th 6-9pm (this is a 2 night course)
Where: MSRC Pool
Price: $50 for IQC members; $100 for IQC non-members (includes cost of membership). Youth rates are also available. Please contact us! 
This clinic will teach sculling and a range of traditional qayaq rolling over the course of 2 nights. First time rollers and experienced rollers welcome! Participants require basic qayaq experience and safety skills for this course. Nose plugs and goggles are not necessary but highly suggested :)
For more information or to register please contact us at or through FaceBook.
Let's get wet!

Pacific Paddling Symposium

Big news!!!
We are gonna be down for the Pacific Paddling Symposium as coaches this year!!! I'm so excited to be back down on the island with many of our old paddling friends, hope to see you there.:)
Registration opens this Saturday at 9am. Register ASAP as spots fill up fast!

Friday, 6 January 2017

Sunday Afternoon Qayaq Practice

If you're either a seasoned qayaq roller with barnacles growing on you or are just curious to learn qayaq skills feel free to join us on Sunday afternoons at the Midnight Sun Recreation Complex here in Inuvik.

These sessions run from 5PM-6PM in the pool,when the pool is open. We have a selection of skin on frame qayaqs and other sea kayaks and gear to use.  Bring your swimming gear, and we suggest you bring a synthetic shirty to help reduce scuffs and scrapes and your goggles and nose plugs.  Our club members will be happy to either coach you in all things qayaq, especially rolling.  The cost is the pool drop in fee.

Getting ready to get wet.
For more current information and posts on our practice sessions join us on our Inuvik Qayaq Club Facebook page.
We're working on a new logo for the Inuvik Qayaq Club in the meantime this is what we are working from.

The IQC FaceBook Page

The Inuvik Qayaq Club has a voice with regular updates on what we are doing on Facebook.  Please feel free to visit us there and view what we have been up to.  Have a look at our Inuvik Qayaq Club Facebook page

Friday, 8 July 2011

IQC Summary

The Inuvik Qayaq Club is a unique entity for the principles and aims that it set to follow. The club has developed these principles with consultation, to enhance the world view, and recreation of all local youth.

In 2010, the IQC successfully managed to certify a class of local individuals, including two Inuvialuit youth in a nationally recognized sea kayak award. We also had one of the top skin-on-frame kayak makers in the country come up and join us to make one of our qayaq during the Great Northern Arts Festival. The IQC also represented all kayak clubs for the Sports North Federation AGM. Locally, the club also managed to facilitate a traditional paddle making workshop for the local high school.

These are very significant achievements that we have been able to create with a very modest level of support; imagine what we can achieve, and the potential that we can enhance within our youth with regular and dedicated financial funding and support.

To learn more of how you can assist in making a meaningful, measurable, and significant addition to the lives of local youth, please feel free to contact the Inuvik Qayaq Club, at:

Inuvik Qayaq Club
PO Box 2208
Inuvik, NT, X0E 0T0, Canada
(867) 678-0584